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We created and launched this website to give other stories, from both patients and healthcare professionals, a much needed platform. 

This is to create and affect real change. 
This is for the province we love. 

This is for Charlene. 

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Katherine Snow.

My name is Katherine Snow - and I'm Nora's mom, Charlene's daughter-in-law -- and a proud Nova Scotian. 


On December 30th 2022, we lost Charlene to our broken healthcare system. She went to the Cape Breton Regional Hospital, presenting jaw pain and flu like symptoms, was triaged, and then proceeded to wait over 7 hours before finally giving up.

Her heart stopped less than an hour after she arrived home. 


I posted our story on social media - and the feedback was absolutely overwhelming. Hundreds and hundreds of stories began flooding in about people who have had similar experiences. I immediately realized this was much bigger than us. 


I committed to providing a home for these stories, so they don't simply fade away - and to ensure that they remain top of mind with decision makers. 


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Stephen Tobin.

This is the definition of true friendship - and one of Nora's favourite humans.

The day my social media post started to take off, I reached out to one of my most trusted and talented friends, Stephen Tobin, to help me get organized. 

He hopped in the car, drove across the province, and arrived here at midnight. We worked on this project until the next morning. And of course, he showed up with a bag full of toys for Nora. 

Stephen, or as Nora simply calls him - "Tobin", is a marketing and communications specialist, was also a friend of Charlene's, and is a fellow Cape Bretoner to-boot. 

Friends that show up when you need them are truly one of the best parts of this life. 


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